Feeding the nation – fish and chips is the best of traditional great British food and our country’s undisputed national dish.

There are over 10,500 fish & chips shops in the UK compared with 1,200 McDonalds and 840 Kentucky Fried Chicken!

80% of people visit a fish & chip shop every year and 22% of people visit a fish & chip shop once a week. We know and love our regular customers – we’re proud to serve them and thankful for their continued support and custom.

Fish and chips can be eaten as part of a healthy diet and, if eaten in moderation, is a wholesome nutritious meal which contains less additives than other takeaways. We fry our fish and chips at a very high temperatures which reduces greasiness and locks in the flavour to give you a nutritious & delicious meal which is 100% natural!

An average sized portion of fish, chips & homemade mushy peas contains less than 10% fat and 1000 calories and is:

  1. An excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acid,
  2. Vitamin C, vitamins B6 and B12, some iron, zinc and calcium,
  3. A great source of important dietary fibre,
  4. One of your 5 a day.

Jacksons is a third generation family-run business and we are committed to serving top quality fish and chips in our take away and restaurant – we never go for cheap, only the best. To maintain our quality, all our food is cooked fresh to order so you can be confident that your food is the freshest it can be. There may be a small delay while we prepare your order freshly for you, especially on Fridays and during busy periods. We do our best to keep this to a minimum and thank you for your patience during busy periods.


All our cod, haddock, hake and pollack come from sustainably caught abundant stocks in the cold, clear waters of the North Atlantic around Iceland, where the fishing areas are carefully monitored and managed to ensure sustainability. We have even been to Iceland ourselves and seen where one of our suppliers operates from! The fish is of exceptional quality and frozen at sea within hours of being caught ensuring the fish is as fresh when we cook it, as it was on the day it was caught.

All our frozen at sea fish is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) Certified. MSC certified fish can be easily identified by the little blue tick logo. This means that the fish you are eating comes from sustainable sources so that there will be plenty more left in the sea for future generations. If you would like to learn more about MSC and sustainability, please look at

Sometimes it is not possible to get all our fish from MSC certified stock, and where this is the case, we do our best to make sure that other varieties of fish are sourced as responsibly as possible. Our daily specials for example come fresh from Brixham, often from small day boats, and minimize food miles whilst supporting local fishing.

Our fish is cut, prepared and graded by hand according to weight, therefore variation in size and appearance must be expected as we are working with a natural product.

We are able to source many other varieties of fresh local fish which are not listed on our menu direct from our retail shop or with prior notice, so please ask if you require something special and we will cook it to order for you.

We can cook your fish for you in one of three ways – either coated in our crisp, light, golden batter; coated in rice flour and fried; or simply steamed with some lemon juice and butter. The choice is yours!


We only use British potatoes of the highest quality and the variety changes throughout the year as our chips are made from the best potato available for the season. Our chips are freshly prepared each day on site. We rumble the potatoes to peel them, hand finish them to remove any imperfections, and chip them ready for frying.

We produce thick cut chips which helps to reduce the amount of fat absorbed during cooking and fry them to a light golden colour resulting in delicious and healthier chips for you. To ensure consistency in our portions, we use industry standard chip scoops, tailor made packaging and regularly weigh portions to ensure you get a generous amount each time.


Here at Jacksons we are passionate about quality and committed to serving what we believe to be the very best products. We select and source them using local producers wherever possible and we try to cater for all tastes and diets.

As well as our amazing fish & chips, we also offer a selection of delicious homemade dishes and vegetarian / vegan options. Our incredible pies are made locally by Passion for Pie ( , our bread and baps come from Shaldon Bakery (@thesurfingbakers) and our finest Marley coffee comes from Coffeeman Devon ( Our fresh homemade mushy peas are organic and we make our own delicious homemade tartare sauce which complements our fish & chips perfectly for you to enjoy.


We use Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified palm oil ( to ensure sustainability and even our waste oil is taken away and recycled!


We work in conjunction industry partners such as The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) to keep up to date with the latest advice and recommendations to ensure that we operate as best we can. The NFFF is the trade body that represents the nation’s fish and chip shops and aims to raise standards and promote shops that are providing good quality products, as well as friers who show a high level of competence and shops showing high standards of hygiene so that you can buy with confidence. Jacksons is also proud to have consistently maintained our 5 star rating with Teignbridge District Council’s Scores on Doors scheme.

Yann Quelvennec and Claire Quelvennec have undertaken the NFFF 3 day training course at the NFFF headquarters in Leeds and are supported by Lisa  who has completed the Seafish frying skills and customer service skills awards and Matthew  who has done the NFFF 1 day intensive training course.


Most of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable and we urge our customers to please dispose of their packing responsibly. We recognize the importance of safeguarding the environment and are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business and being as green as we can be. All of our waste is sorted and recycled or disposed of accordingly – we recycle all our paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and meta